Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

  Throttle Cable  
My factory Ranger throttle cable was not long enough and could not be reused. I tried getting an Explorer cable but the section that goes through the firewall did not fit, it did not fit my gas pedal, and it was way to long. To make things more complicated I needed to pull the Mustang throttle body from the opposite direction than what it was designed and needed additional hardware for the lever.
So I decided to get a generic Lokar cable from Summit. It came with the additional hardware I needed which was very nice.

I welded this loop to my gas pedal for the Lokar cable to connect to.

Here's the custom bracket I made to affix the cable to the throttle body.

This is how the bracket installed. You can also see the extra 'nub' I installed on the lever to pull the throttle body from the opposite side. It's the new shiny one.

You can the little piece I installed here. It came with the Lokar cable.

Here's how the cable connects to the loop I welded in.