Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

Here's the difference between the 94-95 and pre 94 T5 bell housings and related parts. Lower down is the installation of the hydraulic slave cylinder.

The Total Performance hydraulic slave cylinder kit does not work with the 95 style bell housing plus the 93 style is more compact and clears the firewall tunnel easier.
Since my T5 was from a 94 Cobra I had to purchase all the 93 Cobra style parts and convert. Save some money by starting out with the 93 style T5.

The 93 is on the left and the 95 on the right.

This shows the clutch fork area where you'd need to bolt up a hydraulic slave.

Inside shot incase you needed it. 93 on the left.

The 95 style bell housing is 5/8" longer than the 93 style so you have to change the input shaft, retainer and clutch forks too.

OK here is the installation of the Total Performance slave cylinder.

After taking some measurements and lining everything up there's two holes to be drilled in the bell housing shown above.

Next bolt up the bracket.

Attach the slave cylinder

Almost done. There's a threaded rod that slides in the clutch fork and presses into the slave cylinder (not pictured).

This is what the end looks like that goes into the clutch master cylinder.

Shown here is the factory hose just been removed from the master cylinder.

A comparison of the factory hose (hard plastic) and the aftermarket hose (flexable steel braided).

The new hose installed.