Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

 Suspension Assembly  
Ok here's making a little progress with the suspension.

In this shot I've gotten new front ball joints installed.

As you can see I got the rearend installed. Those are brand new rear shackles. Once again originals rusted beyond saving.
Those are also brand new leaf springs but just "cheepo" units till I figure out what ride hight etc. I need.

Getting the I-beams installed. Notice urathane bushings.

I-beam, control arm getting assembled.

Close up on the urethane bushings.

Getting closer. Notice however I forgot the sway bar bracket which is mounted with the large I-beam / control arm bolt. I had to pull this all apart and do it again.
Since I'm not sure how high or low my truck's going to sit I don't know what size coil springs to get. So I wire wheel'd the flacky rust off my existing coils and masked the ends to prevent scratching. They are temporary untill I get the body and motor in for hight alighnment.

A close up of the lower spring assembly.

Here's after I pulled it all apart and put it back together. Notice I now have sway bar mounting brackets.
I also have the rotor splash guards on.

Got inner / outer bearings on. Also new Bendix rotors. I forgot to get cotter pins so I didn't quite finish this part.

Nice I-beam to spindle to rotor shot.

Got new calipers while I was at it.