Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

  Remote Oil Filter  
The oil filter has to be relocated because of very tight clearance. You can't just use a 90 degree adapter it has to be a remote oil filter setup. I tried two kits. The James Duff kit for aprox $60 and the L&L Products for aprox $250. I ended up using some parts from the L&L kit and made my own custom hoses and used -AN adapters and hoses.

This is what you get in the James Duff oil filter relocation kit. A great buy if you're on a budget.

A close up of the James Duff pieces. One thing I really didn't like was how the adapter that spins on the block has the hoses pointing just where ever the unit tightens up. They put 2 inlets and outlets to help out and you just cap the two you don't use but I didn't really like this setup.

Here's what comes in the L&L kit. The quality is excellent and the pictures just don't do it justice. I was impressed.

A close up of the two L&L billet units. The remote oil filter canister has 2 inlet and outlets so depending on how it remotely ends up in your engine bay you just cap off the un used holes

Another shot of the L&L ends. These are the only two parts of the L&L kit I used. They will sell these seperately and that's how I used them.

I found the L&L hoses to be extreamly tough and hard to bend plus been a fixed lenght I had very limited choices on where to mount my oil filter. Also the L&L supplied angled hose adapters did not fit side by side so you'd have to put one hose on each end of the remote canister.
So I ended up purchasing the -10 AN fittings you see and about 6 foot of hose.

After lots of measuring and probably hours of trying different combinations this is what I ended up with.

This is where I ended up mounting the remote oil canister. The radiator is not installed yet so you get a good view. It's installed just behind the bumper on the lower radiator core. It's in front of the radiator and a/c condensor. There where several things that were important to me in choosing a location.
  • The filter had to be lower than the adapter so oil would run out the hoses at time of oil change.
  • Away from the tires and possable road hazards, like rocks hitting it etc.
  • Easy to access so oil changes didn't require taking stuff apart or jacking up the vehicle.

Here's where the hoses run from motor to under side of radiator. They actually clear the serpentine belt and stearing arms quite nicely.

Here's another shot similar to the one higher up that shows installation location.

From a different angle.

As a nice side affect the filter is right by a vent hole in the bumper which may help keep oil temps down a little.
I plan on installing an Explorer sport from bumper cover but it has the holes in the same location.

Another shot of the filter location.

This if from under the vehicle. The adapter on the block. See how tight clearance is. I had to remove the power steering box just to get the adapter on the engine block.

Another close up of the block adapter installed.

Taken from the passanger's side you can see how the hoses clear everything just fine.

Taken from the front of the vehicle right where the radiator should be. Showing block adapter to power steering box clearances.

Here's a top view looking down between the grill and the radiator core support.