Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

  Motor Mounts  
Working on motor mounts, transmission tunnel, and prepping for motor installation.

This clearly shows where the oil filter is on a 302. Directly where the power steering box will be.
That's why you need a oil filter relocation kit
Also pictured here is a bump (red arrow) found in the newer year (94 + I believe) 302 blocks. This was a minor problem with my L&L motor mounts, see pics lower down for fix.

Here's what you get with the James Duff oil filter relocation kit.

Here's another view. I actually quite liked this kit till I saw the one L&L Products makes.
I will probably switch once the project is up and running.

Here's a shot of my engine getting ready for it's first of many placements in the truck for alighnment.

These next three shots are of the empty engine bay crossmember area.
I included these for someone thinking about a swap but would really like to see what's down there.

Another engine bay crossmember shot.

Here's a close up in which I'm trying to show the possable bolt holes you'll have. This is how my 92 2x4 is anyway. Your's may vary.

This is a before shot of the firewall tunnel seem. I end up hammering it down for better clearance. Also notice that flap of metal I've circled? I had to cut it off so a socket could very easily get over spark plug #8.
You may or may not have to do this yourself depending on how far back you seat your engine. I seated mine back as far as possible.

Here's a nice close up of the bump I was telling you about in the block. I'm not sure if you can grind it down or not so instead I grinded the motor mount.

Here's the notch I grinded in my motor mount.

Another close up of the notch. A simple angle grinder job, nothing to hard.
I called L&L on this and they assured me thier new mounts would include this grind.

I also had to grind away at this point (red arrow) to allow the mount to swivel in the adapter bracket (also supplied).
While I think the L&L motor mounts are very good quality I think a little more attention to detail would go along way.
Especially when you pay $179 for their mounts.

Here' the adapter place I just mentioned. It's supplied with the L&L motor mounts. You get one for both driver's and passanger's side.

In this picture I've rolled the transmission tunnel seem back. I also started hammering in a dent (see arrow).
The dent is to allow for cylinder head clearance because I have the motor back so far.
If you are not wanting to dent your firewall it's not required. You could scoot the motor forward a little.