Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

  Fuel Cell  
I installed a 16 gallon aluminum fuel cell and matching aluminum battery box in the bed of the truck.
I chose to use a fuel cell for two reasons. One was to move the weight of the gas tank to the passenger's side to counter the weight of the driver and have a more balanced performer. The second was to make space to run a true dual exhaust under the truck.

I cut a hole in the bed to sink the sump of the fuel cell down and keep it as low as possible.

I drilled some holes for the threaded rods to bolt down the battery box.

Two perches were welded on the one side to provide mounting supports. On the other side the tabs on the fuel cell matched up with the bed so perches didn't have to be welded.

Here's the placement of the fuel cell and battery box. I've also sprayed in the bed liner at this point.

Another placement shot. You can also see the battery vent hose I ran down through the bed.

Here's the finished product.