Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

 Sand Blasting Suspension Components 
Here are some before and after parts of my suspension components. They had the same treatment as my frame.
Sand blasted, epoxy primered, and then Imron coated (two part epoxy).

These are the rear cab mounts. They were actually rusted beyond saving. Had little holes in them.
I ended up having to purchase new ones and have them blasted and coated.

Here are my spindles after getting cleaned up.

Here's a shot of a few pieces. Notice there's a new rear cab mount. I-beams and tranny crossmember are in the middle. On the very left above the rear cab mount is the tranny crossmember to frame bracket. I grinded them off so I could locate them where ever my new transmission lines up.

Another spindle shot.

Here's what my I-beam and control arm looked like before.

Now here's what my control arms look like.

And here's the I-beams again. Tranny crossmember shown too.

While I was at it I snapped a shot of how far my engine is coming along.

Here's the front rotor splash guards blasted and coated too.