Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

 Frame Fix 
Ok here we have some repair work I just got done with on the frame.  In December I had a slight mis hap which hurt the front of my truck (picture over here).  It ripped the radiator support mount locations on the frame. The pictures tell the rest of the story.

As you can see the passanger's side mount wasn't really hurt at all, although the metal was rusted so thin you can see a tiny hole right through the metal if you look closely. The drivers side wasn't so lucky, it got ripped good.
First thing was to cut out the old metal. Notice how I just cut out the center so I left sort of a "frame" of support. I used 3/8' steel to make the new inserts. Here's setting up a temp work station on the front of the truck.
If you look closely you can see I got better as I made more inserts. A plasma cutter would have been perfect but I didn't have one at my disposal so it took a long time to make those two inserts. Over an hour each to be exact.
Checking for a fit before welding - perfect :) Finally the welded in product. Still needs some smoothing and deburing but you get the idea. With the 3/8' steel I used my radiator support mount perches are stronger than factory.