Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

 Frame Sand Blasting 
Ok here's my frame partially sand blasted. This was my first attempt in the summer of 2001. It actually takes a lot of air and sand.
What you see blasted here took me an entire day. That's with a pretty strong air compressor. 220 Volt, 10.3 CFM at 90 PSI with an 80 gallon tank.

Here's what I had to work with. Notice my cab mount was rusted right through. I ended up grinding off the rivets and replacing it.
I'm just trying to show what shape my frame was in. Mostly from snow and salt driving.

Here's a shot of the rear of my frame. Mostly just surface rust back here but up front I had quite a bit of rust.

The next two shots are during my sand blast attempt of 2001. I actually had a lot more pics which I deleted off my digital camera by accident. So these are all I have.
I actually blasted the entire frame and coated it with an epoxy primer.

These are both of the engine bay area.

After an entire summer's work I wasn't satisfied with my results so finally I decided to have it done professionally and sent it in. Here's a few pics. The frame was sand blasted, coated with an epoxy primer and then coated with a two part epoxy paint (Imron).

I'll post some sand blasting info and tips based on my experience in the next few days for those that might want to do the same.