Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

Unlike most people I decided to build my own exhaust. First and main reason was so an exhaust shop wouldn't scratch up the frame I'd spent months and months cleaning, blasting, and painting. Secondly because I could take the time to build it exactly how I wanted it.

This is pretty much the finished product. It's actually made in several sections that all bolt together.

The reason it was built in sections and bolted together was because I don't have a vehicle lift and I could not get my welder under the truck.

The two larger brackets on the left bolt to the frame and give the mufflers something to hang from. The smaller ones bolt to the frame for the tail pipes to hang.

My h-pipe I built.

This is the pipe that comes off the driver's side header.

This is the pipe that comes off the passanger's side header.

Those are 2 chamber flowmasters with high flow cat-co cats.