Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

Like many I really like the 95 Mustang Cobra R rims and wanted a set on my Ranger despite their 17x9" size. Not only am I a big fan of 5 spoke rims but the Cobra R rims are duplicated by so many companies they can be had for quite cheap.
The rims are available in either 5.95" or 6.42" back spacing. I ended up using the 5.95" rims all the way around.

One issue you'll run in to up front is that the hubs stick out of the rim a little bit. Pictured above is the 6.42" b/s rim where as I ended up using the 5.95" which did not have the hub sticking out quite as much. In fact I was able to just bearly get the center caps on.

Another major issue is that the rims are so wide that when you turn full lock they will contact the lower shock bolt on the inside of the rim and gouge into it and ruin your rim. The tires will also rub against the sway bar.

I could not find any ideas or suggestions on how to build steering stops to prevent this so I designed my own. It's hard to tell from the pictures exactly how they work so I will explain it real quick. On the I-beam there's a little triangular stop sticking out that the spindle will hit at full lock. The item you see pictured below that I created slips over this triangular stops making them wider because of the extra material. This stops the wheel sooner than it would have before. Just enough to protect the rims but not enough to even notice when parking.

My steering stop.

Both steering stops finished.

Steering stop installed. You're looking at the end of the I-beam on the driver's side from the rear of the vehicle looking forward

Another shot.