Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

Here's the difference between the 94-95 Mustang and 97 Explorer passanger's side accessory bracket.
The Mustang bracket puts the A/C compressor right into the frame. At least for me and many others on the message board.
An easy fix is the 97 style Explorer passanger's bracket shimmed up aprox 7/16" to line up with the Mustang driver's side bracket.

This is what the 94-95 Mustang accessory bracket looks like. As you can see the A/C compressor would hit the frame.

Here's another shot of the Mustang bracket.

Here's the Explorer bracket. The A/C compressor comes right out at 90 degrees and clears the frame.

Another shot of the Explorer bracket.

Here's a shot of the two brackets together.

If you decide to go this way you will also need to get the Explorer power stearing setup which has a remote reservoir.
The bracket also needs to be shimmed aprox. 7/16" away from the head and block to line up the pullies.