Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger

  A/C Heater Box  
The A/C / Heater box will have to be modified for passanger's side valve cover clearance.
Some trucks that only have heat and no factory A/C can get away with no mods but almost all will have to. I've also been told that some guys with a body lift get away with it too.

Here's what the factory A/C box looks like.

Here's the big corner I notched out. I filled it with some real thin sheet metal I had laying around.
I pop riveted it together and then used silicon to seal it up.

Another shot.

Here's what it looks like from the inside. As you can see it's quite an intrusion. Others have reported back to me that their A/C still works very good. I personally have never used my A/C. I only installed it to keep the installation very factory and professional looking. Some day I may actually charge the system and see how it works.

Not Pictured
I seem to have lost the pictures but after I got done putting that notch in the box I covered it with heat resistant shielding. Not only does this keep the heat from the motor out but it covers the notch I'd made and makes the box look very factory and neat.