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Project Red Ranger
Project Blue Ranger

Above are my two Ranger projects. Project Red Ranger is complete and Blue Ranger is in progress.
They are two very different projects each with their own unique styles and properties.

Project Red Ranger was a true project in every sense of the word. I started out with a smashed Ranger and tore it down to a bare frame. After all the sand blasting, painting, and rebuilding it's probably good enough to be a show truck but that's not what I built it for. I drive it.
It's also quite the hot rod with a fairly well built 302.

Project Blue Ranger on the other hand is my daily driver 4x4 Ranger which needed to stay my daily driver. So no fancy tearing down, no painting and perfecting the shine on every little nut bolt and aspect of the truck. The engine too is to stay somewhat mild. A fairly stock 302. At least for now.
Instead of just doing a 4x4 swap I decided to make it more interesting and it's going to be a full time all wheel drive.

Need to contact me? MalcolmV8 on the Forum.