Black wheel well molding for 89-92 era Rangers

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Black wheel well molding for 89-92 era Rangers

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Last year my truck got hit in the driver's side quarter while I was sitting still in a yield lane waiting for my chance to proceed. Fortunately the driver at fault had good insurance and the insurance is taking care of the damage. The truck's needed a new paint job for quite some time, so I've taken the opporotunity to repaint it...hopefully pics will come soon. The color the truck has been for years now is a teal green. However I'm looking to darken that up to a deeper blue color that's just a tad lighter than the rich blue on the F150 Lightnings and the SVT Lightning Bolt Ranger. Hopefully I'll have pictures to come soon.

Anyway, I'm also taking the oporotunity to replace the chrome bezels around the headlights and blinkers. The chrome is fading and isn't that shiny anymore. I'm going to replace them with solid-black bezels like what the cheaper Ranger customs came with along with a solid black billet grill. I think the black will go well with the darker blue color.

However the fender moldings are something that also has to be replaced since the front DS molding was damaged. LMC Truck sells OEM replacement moldings, but they don't sell the solid-black OEM moldings like the Ranger customs came with, only the chromed ones like what my XLT had factory.

Does anybody know where I can get black fender molding from that is at least close to OEM looking? LMC Truck does sell solid black fender molding that is like 2-3" wide. People that jack their trucks up and put wide mudders on that stick out beyond the fenders legally have to have the wheels "covered" and those fender moldings apply. But I don't want gauty fender well extender trims particularly since I don't have wide tires on the truck to start with. I just thought if anybody knew where I could get black Ranger fender well molding from, people here would know.

I even looked around for universal black molding, however I have no clue how good this would look. If anybody's got experience working with the universal stuff, let me know whether it's worth considering or well worth avoiding.
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