New here. Some may know me from TRS.

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New here. Some may know me from TRS.

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Recently found this site and thought I would register. Show what has been built in my garage over the last few years. Not many GT's left. Here is a link to the website I keep for the truck. It is a few months out of date at the moment. House re-remodeling has priority at the moment. Then will come the Dyno tune on the new motor. Hopefully by March, before spring show season. ... gular-cab/

I did not do the original swap. I have had the motor in and out 4 times since buying it. Rebuilds, changing, improving, cleaning up, removing the mess of 2 wiring harnesses under the hood. Original ranger parts to upgraded parts. Thanks for taking the time to look and all of you who take the time to do a Ranger V8 swap. I feel like I am one of only a few at shows now a days. Surrounded by V8 S-10's.
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Re: New here. Some may know me from TRS.

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nice truck.... welcome to the site ..once your done with your remodel LOTS more pics would be great..
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Re: New here. Some may know me from TRS.

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You've sure done some nice work on that truck, looks great! You'll find this site not as busy as TRS but a bunch of great helpful guys.
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