More $$$ than sense

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More $$$ than sense

Post by plowboy34 »

Dirt is for Farming....Asphalt is for Racing

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Re: More $$$ than sense

Post by Dave »

Yep, there are idiots out there. I remember a bunch of us dirt biking in a large sand pit. We took a break and watched some 4x4's try and climb a sand hill, just a steep as you can pile it. The couple of Jeeps were doing pretty good as well as a F-150. He thought he'd show them how it was done so he backed off a good distance and gave it a go. He hit the bottom of the hill and all we heard was breaking glass. Then he tried to move back and just the motor rev'd, Took the two jeeps to pull him back and his front tires were about 45 degs from normal.Some more stupid people.
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Re: More $$$ than sense

Post by Chris »

Back when I worked at the ford place we had a few Raptors come with bent frames wanting warranty repair. They would bend between the bed and the cab. It was quite obvious they were being abused but we never had 100% solid proof so ford approved those repairs. Never understood how people could destroy something so nice.
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