Transfer case hp max

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Transfer case hp max

Post by gorgo »

How much hp will a stock 93 ranger transfer case take
I have exployer 5.0 what has tf 170 alum heads stage 2 cam
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Re: Transfer case hp max

Post by cgrey8 »

I don't know of an exact number, but if I had to guess, I'd say a 350hp engine isn't an unreasonable load given the load will be split between front and rear. Now that's setup against a 350hp engine, not driving all 350hp to JUST the front axle. If you have the ass-end stuck in mud or hanging off a cliff and you are relying on just the front wheels to pull you out of a mess, I'd think you aren't going to be commanding MAX HP. You'll be using as little power as possible to hold onto whatever traction you do have.
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