Project Red Ranger

5.0 Ranger


Red Ranger


Misc Pics

Frame - Radiator Frame Shround Mount Fix 7/24/00
Frame - Sand Blasting and Epoxy Coating 4/16/02
Frame / Suspension Parts - Sand Blasting and Epoxy Coating 5/16/02
Suspension - Assembly 5/25/02
Front Accessory Brackets 6/01/02
Cab and Bed - Getting the cab and bed back on the frame 6/02/02
Motor Mounts - transmission tunnel and engine mounting preparation 6/11/02
Engine and Transmission Install 6/02
T5, Bell Housing, and Hydraulic Slave Cylinder 7/26/03
Shifter Location 9/21/03
Remote Oil 9/30/03
Throttle Cable
A/C Heater Box
Fuel Cell
Cooling Fans
Cobra R Rims

Through the above links you can follow along as I tear my 92 Ranger down to a bare frame and rebuild it.

Here's what I stared with:
92 Ranger regular cab, short bed, two wheel drive.
2.3L 4 cylinder 5 speed manual.

After about 5 years of tinkering on and off here's what I ended up with:
5.0L V8 5 speed manual.
Not Smashed.