Project Blue Ranger

5.0 AWD Ranger

The EGR turned out to be a bit more challenging that I initially thought. I ran into several issues along the way which I'll explain below.

Here's the factory original Explorer EGR. It's a different system with the remote sensor. It is not compatible with the 89-93 Mustang ECC I'm using so it had to go.

At first I thought I'd just bolt on a Mustang EGR and be done with it. Here's a picture of the Explorer EGR and Mustang EGR side by side. As you can tell the Mustang has the bolt holes further apart.

I got some aluminum stock and drilled and taped it to match the Mustang EGR. I then had a welding shop aluminum weld it to the 90* plenum. You can see the extension I made sticking off to the left.

Here's another shot of the welded piece on the 90* elbow.

Once the 90* EGR plenum is attached to the upper intake it looks quite factory and no one will know the difference.

This shot shows how the EGR bolts to the Plenum.

Unfortunately after all that work I realized the EGR tube was pointing right at the pressure regulator on the fuel rail. I needed to come up with an alternative but wasn't sure what would fit.

So I picked up several different EGR valves off of Ebay and started playing around with different ideas. The unit on the very left is the one I ended up using. It's from a 1990 F150.

Here's the '90 F150 EGR installed on the motor with a mock up EGR tube tack welded in place.
The EGR tube is actually made up of four seperate pieces of tubing I got from various scrap EGR tubes I cut up. I tried to bend up a copper line but I couldn't find a hand bender that was big enough. I had one that was almost big enough but it kept crushing the copper tube. I eventually gave up and just welded up a tube.

Another shot of the EGR installation.

Once I got done welding up the tube I cleaned it up and painted it black so it wouldn't rust. I'm also going to wrap it in exhaust header wrap to help keep down engine bay heat since the headers are getting Jet-Hot coated.